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Bucket List Dreams (Covid Edition)

I have been dreaming of trying new things and checking a few more items off my bucket list. Covid has delayed the “check-marking process” of completing items on my list, but I am still daydreaming about the day I can get back to working on my list. Or can I begin working towards them now? To be honest, it hasn’t been a top priority lately. When I look at my current list, though, I noticed many items I can work towards now, and I can add a few more for later.

My social media account feeds are full of beautiful, soul relaxing destinations and freshly remodeled spaces. I can’t help but imagine myself in those cities, on the beach, in my newly renovated bathroom, or even in front of my updated fireplace. Can a girl dream? My current bucket list items are comprised of things-to-do, to accomplish, to see and learn, even a couple to own. I admit that I have made a pretty good dent in the list throughout the past 25(ish) years, but with life slowing down due to covid, I thought this was an excellent time to review and update my bucket list. When gazing over my current list, I realized that some of these items would expire if I don’t begin soon. Big dreams take time, and I need to prioritize the ones I want to finish.

As I was reviewing, I had found a copy of an article from a Lady’s Home Journal article, 50 Things To Do Before It’s Too Late by Wendy Swallow Williams (1997). If I had planned on reading this book as one of my bucket list tasks, I missed it. But it still made me think about my personal list. I am in my early fifty’s and as much as I’d love to live (healthily) forever, it’s not a possibility; I still have time for most. I rarely share the contents of my bucket list. As eluded in the Lady’s Home Journal article (Williams), I never realized why until now. It’s because it contains some deeply personal information about my own hopes, dreams, and even some outside-the-box oddities. It’s a vulnerable tool that guides me to keep evolving, growing, and trying new things.

In this covid edition bucket list, I need to add some new things that have never been on my list before. It’s mainly due to being stuck at home for one plus years and adjusting to what the "new normal” life looks like. Although it may take me some time to complete, having a bucket list makes me feel like I am living more fully and gives me something to look forward to. My top 5 bucket lists of various categories contain both original and new dreams:

· My top 5 (+1) travel to list: Barbados (thank you, Robin Leach, from the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous), Australia, Greece, Spain, the Maldives, and New Mexico to see the hot air balloon festival.

· My top 5 list of things to learn are: Golf, piano, act, read and speak Serbian, and photography.

· My top 5 (+2) list of things to do: Volunteer (somewhere new), get certified as a scuba diver, make Burek from scratch, become an author, complete a triathlon and start a nonprofit, see a Broadway play.

· My top 5 things I want to work on personally: self-confidence, budget management, organization, being comfortable with my body, be comfortable in front of a crowd.

· My top 5 things I am still working on: Not biting my nails, body confidence, improving my public speaking skills, reading more, and cooking healthy meals.

· My top 5 all-new covid inspired remodeling projects: Master bathroom and closets, pantry, 2-story fireplace, new office space, kitchen cooktop/microwave, and paint inside the house.

· My top 5 out-of-the-box ideas: be an actress, drive a race car, be a TEDx speaker, have a book tour, be a personal growth coach.

The (almost) post covid world is beginning to open up and travel will slowly become accessible again. Until then, I will continue to dream of the beautiful, soul-soothing places I want to visit. I will also intentionally focus on some of the more tangible items on my bucket list that require learning, planning, and contracting out as I continue to work on my self-development. I don’t have to delay progress any longer. We can all use this slower-paced time to add to and plan out our bucket list to do’s. What is on your bucket list? Any out-of-the-box ideas? I would love to hear them. While we wait out the covid restrictions, review your own bucket lists and continue to chase your dreams, learn and grow.

Love and Positive Vibes,

Lisa I @theresileintadvocate

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