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Getting Beyond the Crossroads

We all face transitional phases in our lives, where we are at a crossroad of sorts, recognizing that our current paths are no longer serving us, not leading to where we what to be or go. Often there are external forces that drive us to explore new opportunities and find new meaning. This week's blog reflects that, and it's a reminder that no matter our current situation, it is up to us to be in charge of the decisions we make and the paths we take. Our power is choosing when, where, and how we show up in our current lives. It also extends into the follow-through actions, which leads us out of the crossroad towards something reinvented, redefined, or new.

There is growth at the crossroads. It's not a comfortable place to be, but it is where change happens. It's where we take stock of our strengths and determine what we need to change or add to increase our successes. It takes place when we ask ourselves, what do I need to lead me beyond this crossroad? Support? Education? Recommitment? Dedicated time? Coaching? Training class? A new perspective? Information? No matter what it is, it's up to us to show up and take strategic steps to help our journey shift in a positive direction. Most change is slow, and the process is a culmination of successes and failures. All of it counts towards growth. You don't need to see the whole road to see success. Do not get discouraged amid the change process. Just begin.

I am still in transition right now. It has taken me a while to envision what my life would look like post-transition, to find a meaningful path. I have begun to take stock of my strengths to get a clearer picture of my direction. One of my strengths is that I am an avid encourager of self-change and empowerment (defined by the individual). If you've seen any of my social media pages, you know this about me too. I advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, wellness, positive change, self-acceptance, self-love, all love, and parenting support. In my quest to utilize my strengths, I decided to go back to school. Although I followed through, I still had no actual direction in the end. It was discouraging, but I was determined to keep looking for my path.

Recently, I revisited what I loved about school. It was the writing and connecting with people- the underserved and those struggling with limited resources, exploring humanity and relationships, as well as individual mental health, wellbeing, and growth. These are the reasons I started this blog too. Now, I am taking it a step further and have enrolled in a freelance writing boot camp. I am excited to explore this avenue of sharing my voice and giving others a greater platform to share theirs. Finding a new path requires exploration, self-evaluation, intentional decisions, and numerous restarts. Whether a change is provoked through self-assessment or by an external force, you have the power to find a path that is meaningful to you, one step at a time. Keep seeking opportunities that inspire you to follow through towards something new to get beyond the crossroad.

Love and Positive Vibes,

Lisa I @theresilientadvocate

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