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What’s Your Worth?

It’s so easy to question our worth? We ask ourselves things like, Am I good enough? Can I do that? Am I capable? Do I deserve that? We live in a world where we collect labels that define us. We fall back on them whenever we’re unsure of ourselves, of our worth. These labels are gathered through internal and external cues. They are repeated through the internal dialogs we have with ourselves that reminds us that we might not be worthy of change. They are the words we hear from the outside world. We attribute the words to ourselves as not enough when we see, hear, and feel our differences from friends, family, neighbors, print and digital media, social media, influencers, and paid advertiser content. We compare our lives to manufactured clips, posts, photos, likes, shares, and intentional content that make us feel fear that we’re missing out (FOMO) and jealous of how extraordinary other people’s lives are. We add these comparison labels to our internal dialog to further remind us that we can never be or do “that.”

Here are the questions I have, why aren’t we intentionally collecting (and repeating) labels that promote self-belief, self-worth, self-love, individuality, and encouragement instead of questioning it? Why do we let the negative labels we carry dishearten and detour us from becoming (or trying to be) our authentic selves? Why do we let paid and simulated media content make us question our worth? Why does our self-worth have to be attached to something tangible to quantify it? What can we do about it? Being aware of how human nature comparison affects our internal self-belief systems creates space to identify and respond to external labels. In this space, we can evaluate and choose the labels we want to promote and those we want to toss out. It all begins with the awareness that we are continuously being supplied with information that has the potential to make us feel either unworthy or strong and capable. We have to choose intentionally.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt. This statement has never been more accurate than now, with all the distractions and influencers to compare ourselves to. We must protect our internal dialog. We must acknowledge and rewire our thoughts so that the labels become an asset to fuel our next decision, move, path, dream, or passion. When we question our worth, let’s change the narrative. If it was someone you love or care about who was asking you about their worth and capability, what would you say? Would you validate their insecurities and fears, or would you remind them of all the strengths, potential, and support they have? Let’s examine those go-to labels we use to derail our progress. Let’s remind ourselves why we are worthy and capable and deserve the happiness and joy we always see in others. Let’s create a whole new set of go-to labels that encourage us to explore who we are and to take the chance to live authentically and imperfectly worthwhile lives.

Love and Positive Vibes,

Lisa I @theresilientadvocate

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